Welcome to Ukraine

Due to favorable geographical location at the intersection of Catholicism and Orthodoxy charming Ukraine is able to provide for tourists not only cultural and historical, but also active and health activity.It is one of the largest countries in Europe. It has great sanatoriums and boarding houses, school camps and hotels.Ukraine, is equally interesting for travelers of all ages and tastes. Ukraine is the vast region of plains it attentively follows the travel fashion and every time it appears in a new image. Ukraine is the picturesque area of natural and man-made attractions. It can fall in love the tourists in its majestic beauty at the first sight. Buying a tour to Ukraine, travelers get a lot of unforgettable memories with minimal material costs. Ukraine has charming seaside resorts: Alupka and Alushta, Evpatoria and Gurzuf, Koktebel, and Livadia, the New World, and Odessa, Sevastopol and the Old Crimea, Sudak and Feodosia, long way of Yalta and cultural jewel of Kiev. They are ready to accept tourists from all the generosity of the Slavic soul and offer to guests all the best.The local climate and forests, despite the name, the blue Black Sea and the long and beautiful rivers, the endless fields, ringing church’s bells, the friendliness of Ukrainian people will pleasantly surprise even the worst skeptics.

Ukraine is the largest country among the countries – participants of CIS. Tourism in Ukraine is hight developed. Holidays in Ukraine offers to you: unforgettable natural surroundings,interesting excursions to famous places, excellent and very tasty Ukrainian cuisine, and hospitable people. Ukraine has a huge number of resorts, health care centers, where you can be cured by nature, which is famous for its ecological cleanliness. And what museums and monuments are here! Ukraine’s resorts are not worse than the foreign and sometimes they have great advantages. The symbol of Ukraine is the great and famous Ukrainian Dnipro River, because there are many Ukrainian cities on this river, including Kiev and South Kherson and Zaporozhye. Dnieper – is the most important transport artery of Eastern Europe, and every year it attracts more than one million tourists, it attracts attention for its unique landscapes and it provides an opportunity to make a river cruise, going this route to Ukraine from north to south, down to the Black Sea.Travel along the Dnieper, rest in Ukraine and the prices will surprise you. It is the most popular tourist route in the Ukraine. The main city of Ukraine is Kyiv. Most of tourist routes start here. This is a metropolis of the country, the capital of Ukraine and a beautiful and welcoming city. Here, we can see modern high buildings and cozy squares. They complement each other and make the city a little original and unique, attract tourists from different regions and districts not only people of this country, but also residents of other countries. Ukrainian who went to Canada for permanent residence especially liked Ukrainian resorts. The prices are quite available. The Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Kyiv Lavra are the most important monuments of Slavic culture. Many wonderful and beautiful places wait for you on the Crimean peninsula. It has a lot of legends and beautiful architectural monuments. Do not forget about the Ukrainian climatic resorts in the Carpathian Mountains, Truskavets, Morshyn, and Khmelnik.Most of the famous mineral waters we can found in Ukraine. Ukrainian mineral waters are a “golden fund” of the country. Morshyn is a health resort where you cancure many diseases of the gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and others. Ukrainian resort in Truskavets is world-famous for its life-giving water. Radon baths in Mironovka will help you with diseases such asosteochondrosis, arthritis and many others. The nature of Transcarpathia is really rich. It has many factors which have a good effect on human health. This air is saturated with the smell of pine and there is a mineral water here. For people suffering from asthma there are mines and salt lakes of Solotveno. The concentration of salts is close to the Dead Sea in Israel. If you decide to spend your vacation in the warm southern sea, to soak up the warm sun, and at the same time to improve your heal, the rest in Ukraine – is what you need. In comparison with other resorts situated in foreign countries, Ukraine is on the leading positions. Holidays in Ukraine (the prices for which you will be pleased due to the accessibility) – it is an unforgettable nature, interesting excursions to historical places, delicious Ukrainian cuisine and friendly people.A wide variety of resorts, boarding houses will restore lost power and health in natural ways, historical attractions – museums and monuments of history will make your holiday more interesting. The main symbol of the country is the Dnieper River. This is one of the major rivers of Eastern Europe. Millions of tourists come to see the beauty of the Dnieper and Ukrainian places of interest. The prices for all trips are relatively cheaper than in the other resort cities and countries. The term “Dnieper” is used in Ukraine almost always and everywhere. The name of this river gave the name for football clubs, refrigerators. Ukraine and its natural resources are particular, they are worth to be visited.


Dnieper is one of the main suppliers of electricity in Ukraine. It is a generator of electricity for the resorts of Ukraine. Here is the main hydroelectric station for former Soviet republics, it is well known as Dnieproges. And, of course, the impression from the resorts of Ukraine will not be complete if we did not talk about the hero-city Odessa. Odessa stands on the shore of the Black Sea and is a port city. It has a particular ancient architecture, and interesting people. The first task for tourists is visiting of the Opera House. It is second in the world due to the architecture after the Milan Opera House. It enters in the top five of the most beautiful historical theaters of the world. It was built in 1887. Mukachevo is a resort of Ukraine, located in the Transcarpathian. This is comfortable and clean city. In this city you will hear hundreds of secrets and interesting facts.For example, in this city on a hill, called Red Hill, is bad in the world tea plantation.Holidays in Ukraine will seem like a fairy tale. Ukraine is always waiting for you!



Welcome to Ukraine, it will charm your heart forever.


Chernivtsi city is considered as the cultural center of western Ukraine. For a long time, it was the center of the autonomous Bukovina. Chernivtsi was quickly built up by Franz-Joseph.  He was a young and progressive monarch of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, loving, Chernivtsi is called “Little Vienna”. Today in Ukraine, we have only three cities which were able to safe their own “spirit” to the present day, these are Odessa, Lviv and … Chernivtsi.

Contemporary Chernivtsi is a regional city on the Prut’s shore River. Chernivtsi region borders with Romania and Moldova. The most “interesting” part of Chernivtsi is the central part.

Frankly speaking the main square of the city is called Central, before it was called (as in many other cities, for example in Lviv and in Lutsk) – Market Square. Most of the buildings are very old and beautiful, they have their own history. In this square we can see a Town Hall which was built in 1847. Above the main building is a two-storied tower with a clock and a spire. Its height is 50 meters. In this area we can see Austrian General’s house, built in 1780, and former best Hotels in the Austrian style. Here, on the Central Square, at the intersection of Holovna and Sholom Aleichem streets, is another unusual building – Shifa, or house-boat. Just from this crossroads and need to look at him, then it seems that it is the ship,with an open space on the second floor, and with a mast above the roof. It is said that this house was built by local businessman for his brother – sailor, that he was not bored by the sea. In front of this house is the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, on the facade of which there is a sundial, it shows the Austrian time.

Then pass by the clock through the small street, called the Beethoven Street, or let’s go through the parallel Tchaikovsky’s street 🙂 and we are on the Philharmonicsquare. Here there is a building of the Philharmonic, and a beautiful building of the hotel “Bristol”. Recently, there was built a musical fountain. It surprises the bystanders by playing of music and light…

By the way, on the street Khudyakova, if you go from the Tchaikovsky Street or go down from the Central Square, is the post office, on the facades of which are placed figures of Greek mythology and a clock. It was built in 1889. In time it was also one of the most beautiful buildings of the city.

From the Central Square we can go to the well-known street of Cathedral Square – Olga Kobilyanska Street, it was known as Panska. It is said that formerly people could not walk here in the dirty shoes. I do not know is this true or no but the most expensive and luxury hotels, cafes and shops were placed here. Today, this street is pedestrian, and it is a pleasure to walk here and see this beautiful old buildings. Here is a museum of regional ethnography of Chernivtsi.

If we go down from Kobilyanska Street, through Armenian Street we find ourselves in Armenians quarter and we can see the Armenian Church of Peter and Paul, designed by Joseph Hlavka. Today this is a Hall of Organ and Chamber Music. In front of the Armenian Church is Ukrainian People’s House. It was opened in 1887.

Down from the Central Square is another street – Ruska. On this street was built the Russian church, or church of Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary,which was built in 1821, and so-called “drunk” Church or St. Nicholas Church, which was built in 1939. It is called Neo-Russian (from the word Ruthenians, that is – Ukrainians). This church called «Drunk» because it has the original twisted domes.

Another attraction of Chernivtsi is at the intersection of the streets Holovna and Zankovetska. This is the Church of St. Paraskeva, it was the first Orthodox stone’s church in the city. At the time of the Soviet Union there was a Chess Club and today the building was given to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

From the same Holovna  street we can go to the Cathedral street, on which stands the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, it was built after the first project of  Issakivskoho in St. Petersburg of the Austrian architect Ferdinand Real.

On the other side of the street Holovna is situated the public garden which smoothly moves across the street Chervonoarmiska to the Soborna Square. It was known as an Austrian Square.

From the Cathedral Street you can go to the Popovich Street, on which is situated the Jesuit church of the Heart of Jesus.

If we go down from the Soborna Square to the Ivan Franko Street, we can go to the “House with Lions”, it was a building of the Justice, it was designed by Czech architect Joseph Hlavka.

When we go a little further from the Central Square, along the Russian street and then turn right into Sagaidachnogo Street we can see the oldest building of Chernivtsi. It is the wooden church of St. Nicholas, built in 1607. This church was restored in 1954 and 1992 after a fire, the restoration was done in the «house style».  And here is the old 18th-century synagogue.

If you come to the Chernivtsi city by train, then you certainly pay attention to another local place of interest – Chernivtsi Train Station,which is located on Gagarin Street. It was built in 1908 at the expense of the Ministry of the Austro-Hungarian railways in the modern style. It symbolizes the gates of the city. This beautiful and very stylish building was much better than many others European train stations. If we go up from the station along the Chernyshevsky Street, we can see the Fedkovych’s park. This park was named after Fedkovych  – Bukovynian ethnographer and politician.By the way, the monument dedicated to Fedkovych, people call “valtronom.” 🙂

A little further along the Kotsubynskogo Street (if you go from Central Square you need go down the University Street),is one of the main attractions of Chernivtsi. This is the former residence of the Orthodox Metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia, and today this is Chernivtsi National University named after Fedkovych. This unique building is a work of unique Czech architect Joseph Hlavka (By the way, one of the streets near the university is named after him). This project has won many awards. It received a special attention at the exhibition in Paris. It is said that every brick was tested at the sound! And one master could not put more than one hundred of bricks per day! 🙂 University is very elegant and beautiful,even breathtaking.It is impossible to describe, you can just come and see. It consists of three buildings: the Main, or Metropolitan, Seminary Building with a Church of Three Saints and Monastic or the Newcomers’ House. Not far from the University is the University Park with a bust of Josef Hlávka. In 2011, Chernivtsi National University, was entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.