The pilgrimage tour

(Chernivtsi-Vashkivtsy-Khreschatyk-White Krynica-Bojani)

1 day

Meeting a group at the railway station.

Checking in the hotel.

The excursion to the holy places of Chernivtsi, visiting of:

–          St. Nicholas (Russian) church (“Drunk church”,  it has “twisted domes” and people tell many legends about it);

–         The seminary Church (a part of the architectural complex of the former residence of Bukovinian metropolitans) in 2011 it was included into UNESCO Heritage List;

–         Wooden Church of St. Nicholas;

–         Temple of the Heart of Jesus;

–         Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of Holy Cross;

–         The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary;

–         The Church of St. Paraskeva;

–         The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit;

–         The Armenian Church (today – Organ Hall).


Leaving forVashkivtsy.    It is useful to visit this holy place for everyone.

Near the small town Vashkivtsy is a mountain. It is high and picturesque. From its top you can see a beautiful landscape. But the main attraction of this mountain is a monastery which was built in honor of a brave and defiant girl Anna. Near the temple is the fantastic source, its water can cure serious illness. In this temple is the miraculous Icon of the Lord Almighty,the power of the icon will save you from misfortune, cure serious illnesses, it will help your dreams come true. If a girl or a woman rises kneeling on the mountain, then the Lord would send her to the destiny of a good, reliable husband and healthy and intelligent children.

In the church on St. Anna’s Mountain, every person can order the service to get rid of troubles, business failures, diseases, and many other problems. For best results, you can order the reading of the Psalter in the convent. The nuns read the Psalms at the knees during 24 hours. They do it individually for everyone, it gives a very good result.

(Your presence is not required).

We recommend visiting of this place for girls and women who dream about a good marriage.

(The priest conducts the individual divine service).

We offer you to visit the spring, the water of which can cure serious illnesses.

Note: InUkraine we have only one such monastery.

Transfer to the Khreschatyk to Men’s St. John the Theologian Monastery.

It is situated on the Dniester shore, near the village Khreschatyk, Zastavna area. In the lower church of the cathedral are frames with relics of St. Kukshi New and St. Lawrence Chernigovskogo, the renewed icon of St. Barbara, at the Altar we can see the ark with particles of the relics. The sacred place of the monastery is the miraculous power of the Holy Apostle Ioan Bogoslov.


Arriving in Chernivtsi. Accommodations.

2 day

Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.

Leaving for White Krinitsa. Visit the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Its construction is connected with the history of Russian Old Believers, which appeared as a result of the split of the Orthodox Church in the middle of XVII century. Trying to escape persecution at home, at the homeland, the Old Believers with their families settled in these lands. They found here a new home and have kept to our times its own language, customs and religion. Here was founded a monastery, which is supported by the Russian Old Believers. The Cathedral impresses with its beautiful carvings and decorative materials, multi-colored ceramic tile.

Transfer to Bojana.

Visiting the Nunnery in Boyani, Boyanska icon of Our Lady (there is a service from 16:00). Here is the Weepingmiracle-working Icon of Our Lady, which was discovered in 1993.

Return to Chernivtsi.

Leaving at home.


Price includes:

– Meeting/seeing off at train or bus stations;

– One night staying at 3* hotel;

– Meals by the program;

–  Tickets to the University;

–  Excursions by the program

–  Comfortable bus service.

The price does not include

–         Transfer.

The cost of the tour is calculated separately for each application. Therefore, if you want to book a tour or find out the cost – call us or leave a request on the website and we will contact you.

– Company has right to change tour program without cutting of general amount of services
– Tour price can be changed depending on the tourists number and fuel price increasing
– Conducting of individual tours by your request.


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