Pilgrimage Tours

Some times the people want to get away from the stir and fast modern world and go to back to the values which spiritually feed during all their life . You can touch to the saint objects and to feel the healthful spiritual clearing. Such trips give possibility to notice on the spiritual problems, to get away from domestic problems, to think about the future and ask the God to give you forces for performing.

Travel agency «Europe plus» presents your attention to the pilgrim tours of the most saint places on Bukovina. You can to go to the Anna’s mountain for complete spiritual self-perfecting. A wonderful panorama opened from the highest point on this sublimity. You also can observe unusual beauty of Bukovina’s nature.

A pilgrim tour «Around Bukovina’s Locality» – is the possibility to visit the most saint objects of this region. Also you can learn about it history and contemporaneity. You can appeal to the specialists of our travel agency if you want to order a pilgrim tour in the Chernivtsi.