Hotel Kaiser

A hotel-restaurant complex, is beyond any doubt a pearl, which is full of ancient Austrian traditions interwoven with Bukovynian national flavour.

“Kaiser” hotel is a 3-storied building, which is situated in the old part of the town, near the railway station. There are 13 one-room “semiluxes”, two two-room “luxes”, with bath-rooms, hair-driers, refrigerators, minibars, TV sets, telephones, air-conditioners and the Wi-Fi Internet access.

Besides, there is a restaurant (European hall for 60 people with excellent national and European cuisine) in the hotel complex. On the ground floor there is a grocery store, free parking place.

A cosy summer ground is situated on the territory of the complex. There are: an ancient wooden hut, water-mill, a cascade and wooden pavilions overgrown with vine. All the dishes are cooked according to the old recipes, on the fire.

Next to the summer ground there is a new restaurant, built in the national “Bukovyna style” (Bukovyna hall), it is for 250 places.

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