Hotel Bukovina

Welcome to the luxurious hotel “Bukovyna” which among hotels in Chernivtsi personifies the combination of refined elegance and up-to-date service. It is really one of the best hotels in Ukraine.

Due to its flowered loggias and spacious terraces in daytime it looks like a fabulous palace and at night it is associated with a country of romance.

Hotel “Bukovyna” is situated in the centre of Chernivtsi park zone right near the historic part of the city.

Convenient location, perfect transport communication and marvellous panoramic view attracts the tourists, businessmen, famous politics and scientists and also the stars of Ukrainian and world show-business.

The combination of unique architecture of the old city and up-to-date service makes your staying in our hotel calm and comfortable.

Hotel “Bukovyna” offers you commodious rooms, tasty cuisine, conference halls and also such enjoyable and healthy services as SPA, gym, WI-FI internet, beauty parlour, parking.

Hotel is much more than a place for rest as it determines the traveller’s style of life during his trip. So hotel “Bukovyna” guarantees you the luxurious way of life with comfort, security and European level of service and makes your staying in hospitable Bukovyna unforgetable.

Remember that there is always a place for a fairy tale in your life!

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