Travel Agency (Tour Operator) “Europe Plus” was established on December 27, 1999. On December 27, 2009 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our agency. The Agency office is comfortably located in the historic center of our city near the Cathedral and street of a famous poetess and writer O.Kobylianska by the address: 12 Kafedralna Street. The Agency windows are brightly decorated in the national way attracting pedestrians’ attention. Office premises are designed in baroque, has nice interior, equipped with modern office equipment, 24 hours available Internet. Managers’ working places are placed taking into consideration tourists’ comfort, every tourist can learn programs of tourist trips, booklets with different offers and examine hotels, recreation places (by means of monitor and catalogues) and make a right choice in accordance with his requirements.

In 2009 by the results of tourist reports our agency took the second place “For the number of received tourists” in Chernivtsi among tourist operators. The agency got a letter of commendation from Department on Culture and Tourism of Regional State Administration. The agency participated in the prestige town competition “Recognition of 2009” and got a letter of commendation from the Mayor.

This year (2011) the agency took part in the competition “The best tourist enterprise on receiving tourist in Chernivtsi” held bytheassociation “Tourist Bukovyna”. The agency took the 2d place and got a letter of commendation from the head of association. The agency is regularly awarded for big contribution into tourism development in Bukovyna.

In 2013, the firm has participated in the “Leaders for Economic Development Chernivtsi Recognition 2013” and became the winner in the nomination “The best travel agency of the year.”

Such programs are of the highest demand:

– week-endtour (Chernivtsi-Vashkivtsi-Vyzhnytsia)

– week-end tour around the Bukovynian Land(Chernivtsi-Berehomet-Vyzhnytsia- Vashkivtsi)

– tour “Carpathian kaleidoscope” (Chernivtsi-Khotyn-Kamianets-Podilskyi-Kosiv)

– tour “Carpathianmosaic” (Chernivtsi-Kolomyia-Iaremche-Khotyn-Kamianets-Podilskyi)

– tour around the towns of “Cossacks’ Fame” (Chernivtsi-Khotyn-Kamianets-Podilskyi)

– Western Ukrainian tandem – UNESCOpearls (Lviv-Chernivtsi-Kolomyia-Iaremche)

– UNESCO pearls + the towns of “Cossacks’ Fame” (Lviv-Chernivtsi- Khotyn-Kamianets-Podilskyi)

– tour “Chernivtsi-Migovo-Chernivtsi”

– tour “Chernivtsi-Soniachna Dolyna-Chernivtsi”

– pilgrimage tour “Bukovynian Monasteries” (Anna’sMountain, Khreshchatyk, BilaKrynytsia, Bancheny, Boiany)