This Holy place is useful for every person’s visiting.

A high and picturesque mountain rises above small town of Vashkivtsi. There is a beautiful view from its peak. But the main sight of the mountain is nunnery erected in honor of one brave and rebellious girl Anna. Near the fairy temple there is a spring, water of which can heal grave diseases. In the church there is a miracle-working icon of the Sovereign Lord, power of which can protect you from unhappiness, heal grave diseases and realize your dreams. If a girl or a woman climbs this mountain on the knees the God will send her a good fortune, a reliable husband, healthy and smart children.

In the church on Anna’s mountain every person can order service for depriving of misfortunes, failures in business, diseases and many other problems. To get better result you can order reading of Psalmbook in the nunnery on Anna’s Mountain. The nuns read the Psalmbook for 24 hours running on the knees individually for every person, which gives very good result (Your presence is not obligatory).    

We do advise visiting of this place by girls and women who want to get married in a happy way!!!

(The priest conducts an individual God’s service)

Visiting of the spring, the water of which can heal grave diseases.

Note: Such nunnery is the only one in Ukraine!

Price per person:

Group of 40 + 3 = 130 UAH

Group of 15 + 1 = 130 UAH

Commission 10%

Price includes:

- Bus service: Chernivtsi –Vashkivtsi – Chernivtsi  

- Lunch

- Excursion program

- Accompanying of Agency’s representative  



We can send the history of nunnery on Anna’s Mountain by your request

Pilgrimage tours are regularly organized by Your request

The groups leave for the tour from Chernivtsi.

We are looking forward to Your signing up!!! 

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